Why did you choose a Coconut and Rapeseed Wax blend?

After numerous testing of so many types of vegetable wax we felt that the unique blend of Rapeseed and Coconut Wax worked well with the fragrance oils that we use. Rapeseed and Coconut wax is considered to be a thinner wax compared to others on the market which will leave your airspace feeling light and not heavy.  Most importantly both types of waxes are eco - friendly, sustainable oils, produces a clean smoke,  safe for humans, pets, wildlife and the environment and are both sourced in the UK. 

How does SENNE. Candle Co maintain their eco -friendly ethos?

Our eco-friendly ethos is  at the heart of SENNE. This guides every decision we make as a team to produce products that maintain a high eco-friendly standard. We carefully consider how we handcraft our candles and products with the focus of being sustainable. 

We consider our products to be eco - friendly as:

- From time to time we may reuse packaging from deliveries that we get and utilise them in our SENNE. product packaging. 

-Some of our packaging includes biodegradable peanuts (small white 'peanuts' completely dissolvable in water) that aim to prevent damage to our candles when shipping.

- We use glass candle jars that are durable. We encourage our customers to reuse the glass candle jars where possible e.g. reusing the jar by; planting flowers, putting office stationary in, make up brushes/tools. The used candle jar is your oyster which gives us a chance to be creative whilst maintaining an eco-friendly standard. 

How do I store my candles?

The storage of your homemade candles are essential to consciously consider. So, we strongly recommend storing your candle away from direct sunlight, in a cool dark place. Please be mindful that candles stored in direct sunlight or warm to hot temperatures can increase the risk of the candle sweating and melting which should be avoided. 

Why is the wax in my candle slightly off colour than my other candles?

As each of our products are completely hand poured in our SENNE. work space here in the UK, our wax blend usually produces a frosty, milky type wax candle topping. However, depending on the fragrance oil that is infused in the blend, you may notice the candle top/ wax has a slight yellow undertone. 

However, you can be rest assured that this will not affect the performance of the candle. Your candle will still burn clean and smell divine! 

What is the burn time of the candle?

We have undertaken a number of burn tests in 4 hour cycles in our 300ml candle jars. We can confirm that the burn time is approx 30 hours per candle. 

We would advise for you to burn your candle for no longer than 3/4 hours at a time. Remember, you will still achieve a good fragrance scent when your wax has melted and the wick is no longer burning the wax so, technically you dont need to burn your candle for hours. The candle jar can become quite hot after a short time of burning so please be mindful of handling your candle when burning or finished. 


Do i really have to trim the wick prior to each lighting? 

By doing so will maintain the candles performance and prevents tunnelling 

Trimmed wick= amazing candle performance!!

How can trade companies make enquires?

We are happy to discuss any enquires that you have relating to trade/wholesale. Please contact us through our Contact us page and we will aim to get back to you within 48hours. 

Do you offer next day delivery?

Our current delivery time scale is between 5- 7working days.